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COR001b Reporting Template: Leverage Ratio?


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Reporting Framework 2.8 now effective including COR001b template

Those subject to CRD IV reporting should remember there is a new taxonomy, (version 2.8), now in place for COREP reporting of the period ended 31st December 2018, (COREP submission deadline in February).

The new taxonomy ensures COREP reporting is in line with EBA requirements, which includes amongst its changes, four new data items that have been introduced for Banks, Building Societies and PRA Investment firms. These new data items being:

- COR001a Own Funds Daily flows

- COR001b Leverage Ratio (LR)

- COR013 Resolution

- PRA110 Cash flow mismatch

COREP COR001b Leverage Reporting – for 31 December 2018 reporting

Those undertaking reporting will see that the Own Funds report has now been split out into two separate data items - COR001a and COR001b.

Firms that are required to submit the COR001b Leverage Ratio report will now see this detailed within their reporting schedules in Gabriel.

However, some firms not subject to leverage reporting have had this report added to their schedules in error by the FCA. The FCA have confirmed that these errors should be corrected by 31st January 2019 before COREP’s February deadline.

For those that are unsure whether their firm should be reporting on Leverage or not, we would be happy to help. Please contact our COREP support team to discuss any COREP reporting enquiries you may have or for assistance with your COREP returns.