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COREP FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions:

Who can help with COREP reporting?  - We can!

COREP.Support is operated by Compound Growth Ltd, a company with extensive regulatory reporting experience.

Our dedicated COREP compliance professionals have been assisting a variety of firms with their COREP reporting requirements since implementation in 2014.

In addition, we have relationships with professional software vendors that specialise in the conversion of data from Excel spreadsheets into the required XBRL format ready  for submission.

We assist our clients with the preparation and submission of COREP data reporting on GABRIEL, as well as other standard monthly, quarterly and annual regulatory reports.

Why not ensure your firm remains compliant with the submission of COREP reports and get in touch with our friendly team. We’d be happy to help.

CONTACT US Who can help with COREP?

Who can help with COREP?

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Our team of COREP advisors can help by: